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Green Growers Technology

Green Growers Technology

  • Graphics Design
  • Package Design Artwork

GGT is a Organic Farming Company based NY, USA.

GGT is a revolutionize agricultural growing and planning, especially in the area of organics and had different products such as GEO VEG, GEO BLOOM, GEO PURETECH and GEO IMMUNIFY.

We've created vector based artwork of different sizes of product like 3 Plan Treatment, 5 Plan Treatment and 5 Gal in vector and raster for print and web view.

3 Plan Treatment

GGT Product 3 Plan Treatment

15 Plan Treatment

GGT Product 15 Plan Treatment

30 Plan Treatment

GGT Product 30 Plan Treatment


GGT Product 5 GAL

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Leon Gellineau, USA
Leon Gellineau, USA

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